aixprocess delivers custom tailored products to fit exactly your needs and in your process. Therefore we base our design mainly on material characteristics and process integration.

aixprocess develops appropriate concepts for specific and complex problems concerning the separation of

  • solids from gases
  • liquid drops from gases
  • solids from liquids
  • gas bubbles from liquids
  • three-phase-mixtures containing gas, liquids and solids
  • complex materials such as e.g. nanoparticles, fibres and adhesive or abrasive materials

aixprocess range of performance comprises

  • evaluation of efficiency and optimization of existing cyclone systems considering pressure drop, wear and separation efficiency
  • Custom tailored engineering, manufacturing and delivery of
    • Dust, fibre and liquid separators according to VDI standard
    • Special designs like in-line-cyclones, multi-cyclones, etc.
    • Hydro-cyclones for the separation of solids in liquids
  • Upgrade kits for your existing system for the
    • Reduction of energy requirements (reduction of pressure loss)
    • Increase of the separation efficiency
    • Increase of through put

We secure a high design accuracy by

  • CFD and process model aided engineering
  • Lab tests
  • Long term experience in different applications and industries