Industry Environment
Towards Environmentally Sound Production

Although environmental protections form the basis of our physical health, in industrial production they do not necessarily contribute to economic benefits. Investing in environmental protection is not only mandatory to comply with regulatory requirements, but also enhances the social acceptance of industrial production in less densely populated areas.

aixprocess Enviroment
Our Approach

Our engineering expertise lies in preventing, capturing and handling industrial production emissions. Our digital tools allow the implementation of environmental engineering concepts with minimum CAPEX and OPEX.


aixprocess has developed extensive experience in each of these important areas:

  • Design and optimisation of:
    - Electrostatic precipitators
    - Bag filters
    - Suction hoods for dust capture
    - Spray scrubber
    - Cyclones
  • Flow and dust dispersal measurements
  • Smart air concepts for production hall VOC emission reduction
  • Waste heat recovery
  • DeSOx & DeNOx flow design & control
  • Primary measures for combustion emission reduction
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