Cyclone Challenges Visualization
May 23, 2024
Tackling Common Cyclone Challenges in Industry

Although cyclones play a crucial role in separating particles from gas or liquid streams in many industrial applications, they are often seen as simple peripheric equipment. Let's take a closer look at some of the typical problems and why it's important not to overlook them.

  1. Wear: Excess wear in cyclones lead to enhanced maintenance costs and downtime. This does not only affect the longevity of your equipment but inevitably leads to inefficiencies in particle separation.

  2. Pressure Loss: Excessive pressure drop in cyclones causes avoidable operational costs as more draft is required to maintain the desired throughput. Managing cyclone pressure drop effectively with smart modifications directly result in significant energy savings.

  3. Separation Efficiency: Low separation efficiency means loss of valuable product, reducing your yield and impacting the overall productivity of your plant. Ensuring high efficiency is key to maximizing output and product recovery. For end-of-pipe installations like Decoking Gas Cyclones, excess emissions are the consequence

  4. Discharge Issues: Blocking or backflow from the cyclone discharge system typically cause instable operation, extra pressure drop and loss of separation efficiency.

Those issues may seem manageable individually, but as coupled phenomena they significantly hinder operational efficiency and profitability. At aixprocess, complex cyclone applications are a focus topic: from optimising your current cyclone's performance to providing you with an improved turnkey cyclone system, you can focus on critical process areas.

Streamline your operations and maximize output with minimal intervention.

Interested in optimizing your cyclone system? Let's connect!

Written by: 
Dr. Martin Weng, Maximilian Kaul
Managing Director; Marketing & Social Media Manager
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